Blended Learning: Thoughts from Blended Learning Teachers


“I want to do this every day. I want to be explicit about what they are LEARNING in class. It’s not about what we are TEACHING. It’s about the LEARNING.”

―April May, Richland High School, Blended Learning Teacher




“Have I changed my thoughts on how to teach? Yes, I still wouldn’t say I’m a coach or a guide yet, but I’m getting there.”

            Josh Reed, Haltom High School, Blended Learning Teacher




Blended learning combines the best of face-to-face and technology resources to create a learning experience for students, but it is so much more than this.  It is also about using data and student agency (ownership and responsibility) to create a student-centered learning experience that intentionally increases student involvement and interest.” 

―Cheryl McKnight, Blended Learning Facilitator

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Blended is dynamic. Blended is progressive. …

Dscottevansrhsoes blended presume that students–not just teenagers, but human learners in general–are equipped to grapple with rigorous, higher-order concepts without explicit and direct instruction, the inaugural stage in the lesson cycle?

I believe it does.

I believe that our new instructional model is not just dynamic, but it is also flexible. Blended learning operates within certain prescribed parameters–data-driven instruction, student agency, flexible grouping, station rotations–yet it is agile enough to adapt, to change, to accommodate to thrive.

I believe that student performance will shape the trajectory of learning.

If direct instruction in required, then blended will allow for it. If students can learn collaboratively or autonomously, then blended will embrace that too. Systems are sustainable.

~ Scott Evans, Richland High School


Blended Learning: Thoughts from Blended Learning Teachers


Tools I have implemented in my classroom



  • Using stations this week in the classroom.
  • Station 1- Nonfiction pieces to better understand main idea and important details. QR codes are used to quiz students on Google Forms. Bonus: It grades them for me!
  • Station 2- NoRedInk students get a better understanding of where they are in their writing.
  • Station 3- Book club students will read, conference with me, book talk, and/or complete reader responses.

 ~ Angela Gruver, Richland High School

heatherpalmerrhsThis has been an amazing journey so far!  I have found it easier to let the students be the leaders of the classroom and they have really approached the challenge with vigor. At the beginning of the year, I found it difficult to do this, but my students have shown me that as long as they know I’m there to help them over any bumps, they enjoy being in charge of the pace of their learning.  I have also enjoyed being able to work with small groups and the students who struggle the most with the skills we focus on in that unit.

 ~ Heather Palmer,  Richland High School

Blended Learning: Thoughts from Blended Learning Teachers


“Blended [learning] preparations have really taken extra effort on my part. I have found myself working well beyond the ‘normal’ teacher work day. I have intentionally done so because I wanted to get ‘it’ right. I want to create lessons conducive for my students to learn at their level and yet challenging enough for them to progress in their proficiency levels.”

~ Christine Torres, Richland High School



“Blended [learning] has been exciting and frustrating all at the same time. I totally believe in what we are doing, but the obstacles we face are great.”

~ Adrian Baylor, Birdville High School

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Blended Learning: Thoughts from Blended Learning Teachers

“I have heard great things about Membean and I am excited to get my students logged in and started on their journey through the program. My goal is to increase student writing, therefore using Membean to increase their vocabulary. I am looking forward to seeing student’s progress throughout the year and seeing if their scores increase due to this program.”

Tiffany Gaines, Haltom High School teacher #BISDShines #BISDBlended


“My students have really been great this week and doing amazing with their tabloid projects. My fifth-period students especially have taken this assignment to new levels and gone outside their comfort zone. We have students creating news broadcasts, radio interviews, posters and typing their articles on Google Docs.”

―Lisa Sandoval, Haltom High School teacher #BISDShines #BISDBlended


“My dad always taught me to look for the positive and make work fun. So for each person who has started the Blended Learning process let me give you this quote. ‘Let go of your disappointments, mistakes, and failures. May you find complete healing, renewed spiritual strength and courage to begin again.’ ” 

―Denise Jones, Richland High School teacher #BISDShines #BISDBlended