Retirement Just Ahead

If you are planning to retire at the end of the 2021-2022 school year, March 1 is the deadline to request compensation for unused leave.

To qualify for this benefit, an employee must:

  • Submit notice of retirement to Human Resources no later than March 1 of the school year they plan to retire;
  • Be eligible for retirement under the Teacher Retirement System of Texas; and
  • Have been employed by the Birdville Independent School District, with no break in service, for a minimum of five (5) years. (DEC (Local))

Additional questions may be directed to Barbara Eubank in Human Resources at 817-547-5756 or accessed on the Birdville website. <<Retirement Information>>

BISD Celebrates Human Resources Staff

Governor Greg Abbott has proclaimed Oct. 13, 2021 as Texas Education Human Resources Day, a day set aside to recognize and honor the important contributions made by school staff who work in human resources. 

Human resources staff work hard each day to make sure our schools are staffed with highly qualified employees and that those employees have a good work environment. A copy of the Governor’s Proclamation is accessible on our website. 

BISD’s Human Resources staff are:  

Paige Curry—Director 

Rick Tice—Assistant Director 

Gretta Bacon—Professional Processing 

Kyndal Banks—Payroll-Absence Management System 

Billie Boles—Admin. Assistant to Director 

John Campbell—Coordinator for Secondary 

Mark Chapa—Coordinator for Auxiliary and Part-Time 

Jennifer Delgado—Admin. Assistant to Asst. Director, Elementary 

Barbara Eubank—Contracts and Service Records 

Marie Jimenez—Admin. Assistant to Coordinator, Secondary 

Karen Kearby—Admin. Assistant to Substitute office 

Belinda Martinez—Admin. Assistant to Coordinator, Auxiliary 

Anna Rosales—HR Receptionist 

Melissa Sim—Admin. Assistant to Employee Leave 

David Smith—Coordinator, Substitutes 

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2021-22 Salary Notifications

2021-22 Salary Notifications will be generated the week of October 4th. All full-time employees will receive an email notification from HR/Birdville ISD with the subject Employee Salary Notification. Employees will be instructed to log into Munis Self-Service to verify their salary. Requests for a salary review will be accepted through October 31, 2021.
Important Notes:

• Please verify your email address in Munis Self-Service – Email notifications will be generated to the employee’s primary email address listed in Munis. Please verify your email address is correct.
• TRS Contributions – Effective September 1, 2021, the required member TRS contribution, which is established by law, increased from 7.7% to 8% and is reflected in the September paycheck deductions.
• Login Information – Username: Employee ID# (drop ‘b’ and any leading zeros) Password: (initial login – last 4 digits of SS#) Employee is prompted to edit password after initial login

• Munis Employee Self-Service Login Issues or Reset Requests – A link for forgotten passwords is available on the Munis Employee Self-Service login screen. To request an account reset, open a Technology Service Request (BISD Homepage > For Staff > Technology Service Request).
• Requests for a salary review – All requests for salary reviews must be submitted through Munis Self-Service. When requesting a review, please include the specific information you wish an HR administrator to address in the Feedback section of the form and select Review Needed before submitting the form.
• Years of Service – Salaries paid off of the Teacher Hiring Schedule are calculated on years of completed service.
• Employees who log in to Munis Self-Service prior to receiving an email notification from HR/Birdville ISD will only be able to view salary information from previous years.

• Employees who log in to Munis Self-Service prior to receiving an email notification from HR/Birdville ISD will only be able to view salary information from previous years.

Updates will be posted in the announcements section of HR’s webpage.

BISD Launches COVID Central Website


To better organize COVID-19 information and resources for parents and staff, BISD created the “COVID Central” website. On COVID Central you will find the COVID dashboard and other important COVID-19 related information resources.   

The link to COVID Central can be found on the front of the District and campus websites, as well as on  the BISD mobile app, the QR code posted on entrances to each District facility, or at As updates become available, they will be posted on COVID Central.

BCTAL Blooms is excited to once again offer our Arrangement of the Month Club!

BCTAL Blooms

Leading the charge is an extraordinary group of Advanced Floral and Practicum students, who have made it their mission to make this even better than before!

Our Arrangement of the Month Club is a service offered in which members receive one arrangement per month that will be themed to the time of the year, season, or holiday! These arrangements will be available for members to pick up from the BCTAL campus on a pre-scheduled day each month, in a drive-through style manner. Each of the three types of memberships provides members one top-quality floral arrangement per month, for the average price of $30 each, which is an incredible deal for what our students have planned for you!

Annual Membership – $250

Annual members receive one seasonally-themed arrangement

each month (October – May).

Fall Membership – $125

Fall Members receive one seasonally-themed arrangement

each month (September – December)

Spring Membership – $125

Spring Members receive one seasonally-themed arrangement

each month (January – April)

To join the Club and begin your membership, please complete the registration form at the link below. Registration for membership into the 2021–22 Club will close on September 3rd, so join today!

2021–22 BISD ISD COVID-19 Dashboard

Covid Dashboard

With the return of students to face-to-face instruction, BISD has created a dashboard (“the Dashboard”) to provide BISD families and staff with information about new active COVID-19 cases in the District. An “active case” is defined as an individual who has been in a BISD school and test-confirmed to have COVID-19. Individuals who test positive are excluded from participation in any in-person/on-campus activity until the campus nurse verifies that the individual meets the return criteria set by state and local health authorities. 

This data will be updated each Friday afternoon.  Click to view the Dashboard

Board Approves COVID-19 Leave for 2021–22 School Year

At the Board’s regular monthly meeting, the board of trustees approved a resolution authorizing the District to provide COVID-19 leave until January 31, 2022.

The Resolution provides 10 days of COVID-19 leave for fully vaccinated employees only to use with the following conditions:

  • The fully vaccinated employee tests positive for COVID-19.
  • The fully vaccinated employee’s minor child tests positive for COVID-19 and must be cared for by the employee because the minor child is prohibited from attending their childcare or school.
  • Documentation for the employee vaccination and proof of a COVID-19 positive test will be required.
  • This Resolution is effective from July 1, 2021, through January 31, 2022. Any employees with these conditions in July or August 2021 may qualify for these additional days.
  • Administration may bring an extension back to the Board at the January 2022 meeting if warranted.
  • The vaccination requirement may be excused if an employee’s treating physician advises that the employee should not receive the vaccine due to an existing medical condition.