Blended is dynamic. Blended is progressive. …

Dscottevansrhsoes blended presume that students–not just teenagers, but human learners in general–are equipped to grapple with rigorous, higher-order concepts without explicit and direct instruction, the inaugural stage in the lesson cycle?

I believe it does.

I believe that our new instructional model is not just dynamic, but it is also flexible. Blended learning operates within certain prescribed parameters–data-driven instruction, student agency, flexible grouping, station rotations–yet it is agile enough to adapt, to change, to accommodate to thrive.

I believe that student performance will shape the trajectory of learning.

If direct instruction in required, then blended will allow for it. If students can learn collaboratively or autonomously, then blended will embrace that too. Systems are sustainable.

~ Scott Evans, Richland High School


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