Blended Learning: Thoughts from Blended Learning Teachers


Tools I have implemented in my classroom



  • Using stations this week in the classroom.
  • Station 1- Nonfiction pieces to better understand main idea and important details. QR codes are used to quiz students on Google Forms. Bonus: It grades them for me!
  • Station 2- NoRedInk students get a better understanding of where they are in their writing.
  • Station 3- Book club students will read, conference with me, book talk, and/or complete reader responses.

 ~ Angela Gruver, Richland High School

heatherpalmerrhsThis has been an amazing journey so far!  I have found it easier to let the students be the leaders of the classroom and they have really approached the challenge with vigor. At the beginning of the year, I found it difficult to do this, but my students have shown me that as long as they know I’m there to help them over any bumps, they enjoy being in charge of the pace of their learning.  I have also enjoyed being able to work with small groups and the students who struggle the most with the skills we focus on in that unit.

 ~ Heather Palmer,  Richland High School

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