Congratulations to the 2021 Teachers of the Year!

2021 Teachers of the Year Winners

Congratulations to 2021 Teachers of the Year! Courtney Maxwell, Smithfield Elementary, was named the District Elementary Teacher of the Year; Colby Blankenship, Birdville High School, was named the District Secondary Teacher of the Year; and Isaac Bradley, Stowe Elementary, was named BISD’s First-Year Teacher of the Year. 

Birdville ISD also congratulates the 2021 Campus Teachers of the Year. This group of individuals is one of the reasons #BISDShines so brightly in our community, state and nation. We are proud to honor you as part of the BISD family. #WeAreBirdvilleISD 


Molly Reyes, Binion Elementary 
Kris Fletcher, Birdville Elementary 
Nilsa Hernandez Pacheco, Cheney Elementary
Cindy Sawai, Foster Village Elementary
Abbie Symons, Francisco Elementary 
Darlene McCabe, Green Valley Elementary 
Katrina Kyser, Hardeman Elementary 
Beth Taylor, Holiday Heights Elementary 
Courtney Trevino, Mullendore Elementary 
John Seale, North Ridge Elementary 
Natalie Becknal, Porter Elementary 
Magaly Jackson, Richland Elementary
Kimberly Kime, Smith Elementary 
Courtney Maxwell, Smithfield Elementary 
Sally Frye, Snow Heights Elementary
Kathy Speers, Spicer Elementary 
Katterine Rojas Siu, Stowe Elementary 
Robin Le, Academy at C.F. Thomas Elementary 
Nicole Anderson, Walker Creek Elementary 
Randi Wheeler-Kurz, Watauga Elementary 
Kristin Autrey, West Birdville Elementary 


Veronica Schilowsky, Haltom Middle School 
Gina Chance, North Oaks Middle School 
Stacey Edwards, North Richland Middle School 
Sayde Smalls, North Ridge Middle School 
Malyn Bannister, Richland Middle School 
Aubrey Otero, Smithfield Middle School 
Ryan Ferrill, Watauga Middle School 


Joshua Gentry, Birdville Center of Technology and Advanced Learning 
Colby Blankenship, Birdville High School 
Cong Trinh, Haltom High School 
Chuck Wells, Richland High School 
Heather Kukuk, Shannon High School 

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