Sick Leave Bank Open Enrollment Closes Sept. 1

Birdville ISD offers staff the opportunity to participate in a Sick Leave Bank (SLB). With the Sick Leave Bank, if an employee that is a member has an extended illness and has exhausted all leave and vacation days, they may apply to the SLB for up to 30 additional days.  If an employee does not join the SLB, they can’t apply to use this benefit.

If an employee would like to join the Sick Leave Bank, they must complete the form below, read the rules, tear off the top section, and send it inter-office mail to Babs Holly, Benefits Specialist, before Sept. 1.

When an employee joins the Sick Leave Bank, three local leave days are deducted from the employee’s available leave. (This is a one-time contribution to the SLB.)

Not sure if you have joined the bank?  Look for your employee ID number on the Sick Leave Bank List below. If you recently sent Babs an application to join, it has not been processed and added to the list.  There is no need to send another form.

> Click to view the Sick Leave Bank Open Enrollment Application

> Click to view the Sick Leave Bank list to see if you are currently a member



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