Important Message from Technology Concerning Pokémon Go App

You have probably heard about the new Pokémon Go app. It’s going viral and sends people onto the streets, into yards, and onto our school property to catch these little virtual creatures. There are some risks if you get caught up in the Pokémon Go fever. Here are some pointers:

First, please stick to downloading the app from the major app stores. Do not download the app from anywhere else. Why? Bad guys have taken the app and infected it with malware, and try to trick you into downloading it from untrustworthy websites.

Second, anyone using the app, especially kids, should be VERY aware that they are not lured into a real-world trap, which could lead to a mugging or abduction. Other players can track you in the real world using this app, so be careful!

Third (very important!), there are possible privacy issues if you use your Google account to log into the app. Create a throw-away Google account and use it to log into Pokémon Go.  Do not use your personal or District account.

Last, but not least, do not fall for emails that claim you have to buy an upgraded version for a monthly fee. Pokémon Go is a free app!

As always, think before you click!

Let’s stay safe out there.
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Randy Sumrall
Executive Director of Technology
Birdville ISD

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